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Only a tiny percentage of people in the world have ever visited Helsinki. If you are among those rare, curious earthlings, we would need your insider knowledge and your most inspiring memories of our Northern capital.

Tell us what makes Helsinki Helsinki for you. Eventually, your story could become part of a global art project.

Three international artists each create an art piece about Helsinki in a way that's never been done before.

Three Helsinki Curious artists, Jack Sachs (Berlin), Aysha Tengiz (London), and Takashi Nakamura (Tokyo), have been invited to illustrate Helsinki based solely on their imagination and on stories they hear. These artists have never visited Helsinki themselves – and they have been forbidden to carry out any online and social media research on Helsinki during the project.

However, we will not leave them completely empty-handed: This is where you come into the picture. The artists need the most quintessential Helsinki stories for inspiration – from beautiful, mundane moments to the wildest of experiences. Anything to arouse the imagination and crystallise the uniqueness of the city.

What makes Helsinki Helsinki for you?

Share your experience of Helsinki – the long or short of it – and it could be turned into an illustration that might end up on the streets of Harajuku (Tokyo), Shoreditch (London) and Kreuzberg (Berlin) next autumn.

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The stories collected on this form are primarily intended to inspire the Helsinki Curious artists in their creative process. However, by submitting your story, you grant us the right to use it in other campaign materials as we see fit. Please note that we only ask you to enter your first name and hometown. You may also use a nickname or an alias.
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Get to know the Helsinki Curious artists

Helsinki Curious artists are ready to unleash their imagination. They have set out to create an art piece about Helsinki – without ever visiting, seeing or experiencing Helsinki themselves.

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Jack Sachs



Takashi Nakamura



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